ODU-MAC® Black-Line receivers

Secure and uniform connections

The possible applications for the ODU-MAC® Black-Line Mass Interconnect Solution are manifold. The selection is equally large: Opt for a variant with a hand lever or choose an electromechanical version. You can choose from a wide range of modules, which can be exchanged at any time thanks to tool-free clip-in assembly and disassembly. This guarantees customized solutions for your testing requirements.

  • Eight tensioning points stop the frame distorting
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Flexibility with ODU‐MAC® modules
  • Optional identification of the adapter
  • Up to 4,608 signal contacts
Electromechanical locking

Our innovative tensioning mechanism allows the mating process between the receiver and adapter side to be conveniently carried out at the push of a button. This can be automated via remote control or integrated into an inline tester. By removing the need for a hand lever, the electromechanical version of the ODU-MAC® Black-Line also has a smaller footprint, allowing optimal use of space. Power is only consumed during the mating process thanks to the energy-efficient drive.



A patented quick-lock system lets you quickly lock and unlock the individual frames. The docking frames or signal blocks can be detached as required within a few seconds. With the receiver, this can be done with only a quarter turn.


High contact safety

Eight tightening points ensure even tensioning and a secure and reliable connection. They prevent frame deformation and enable consistent quality for 20,000 mating cycles and more.


Discover compatible adapters and enclosures

The ODU-MAC® Black-Line is extremely flexible thanks to its modular design. This makes it easy to create customized solutions to meet your requirements.