ODU‐MAC® Black‐Line enclosure

Flexible testing for customized requirements

The ODU-MAC® Black-Line enclosure (also electronics box) can be used as an alternative to the adapter and makes additional applications possible. Connectors can be attached to the back of each enclosure to enable connections to additional devices. This makes the ODU-MAC® Black-Line enclosure a flexible interface for customized test requirements. Due to the secure closure with screws, the enclosure protects electronic components as well as cables.

  • Integrated alignment system via platform centering
  • Flexible, modular assembly depending on requirements
  • Standard and customized flange plates
  • Optionally available with cable assembly
Flange plates

Flange plates are available as standard products in various designs. In addition, we offer our customers the option of customized flange plates.


Discover compatible adapters and receivers

The ODU-MAC® Black-Line is extremely flexible thanks to its modular design. This makes it easy to create customized solutions to meet your requirements.