ODU‐MAC® Black‐Line adapter

High quality and modularity

The Interchangeable Test Adapter (ITA) features a sturdy adapter frame with tolerance compensation for easy mating and a long service life. In total, up to 12 docking frames can be accommodated in one ODU-MAC® Black-Line adapter. This can be flexibly equipped with modules as required. Thanks to the high contact density, up to 4,608 signal contacts can be accommodated in one adapter.

  • Docking frames with floating support
  • 3-stage guide system
  • Coding options
  • ITA interface is compatible with common systems from the various test adapter manufacturers
  • Easy integration via CAD data
  • ITA can be used for test adapters and electronics boxes
  • Optionally available with cable assembly
Floating support

This mass interconnect solution convinces with up to 12 individual floating docking frames, which ensure a smooth mating process and a long service life.


Tolerance compensation

Each of the 12 integrable frames is also fitted with guiding pins and bearings that allow +/- 0.6 mm of radial play.


Guide system

Reliable contacting is guaranteed by means of a multi-stage guide system with platform centering, centering blades and guide pins. This guide system is integrated in the sturdy adapter frame and ensures consistently safe mating sequences.


High contact safety

Eight tightening points ensure even tensioning and a secure and reliable connection. They prevent frame deformation and enable consistent quality for 20,000 mating cycles and more.


Discover compatible receivers and enclosures

The ODU-MAC® Black-Line is extremely flexible thanks to its modular design. This makes it easy to create customized solutions to meet your requirements.