ODU – a success story made in Mühldorf am Inn

Competent and innovative for over 80 years: Otto Dunkel founded his company to manufacture connectors and contacts back in 1942. As a pioneer in the industry, ODU quickly made a name for itself. Its technologies for transmission and measurement of power, signals, data, and media have enjoyed a first-class reputation ever since the company was founded.

This is the legacy on which ODU continues to build to this day. It is also the foundation for a success story that has transformed the company, headquartered in the tranquil town of Mühldorf am Inn in Upper Bavaria, into a global market leader in the development and production of mass interconnect systems.


Manufacturing Technologies

In developing new possibilities in joining technology, we are constantly pushing the limits of what is technically possible. This is made possible by the combination of various factors: the many years of know-how of our employees and networking with research institutes as well as a high vertical range of manufacture of 80%. 

Molding shop
  • These include high thermal stability and resistance to certain chemical substances
  • 30 plastic injection molding machines
  • 60 million individual parts produced annually from around 130 metric tons of plastic granulate
Turning shop
  • 160 automatic lathes are in operation around the clock
  • Production of turned parts with diameters between 0.5 mm and 80 mm
  • Up to 6 million individual parts are processed per week
Stamping shop
  • Up to 30 tons lifting capacity
  • Around 220 million contacts are stamped and formed from precious-metal strips per year
  • Diameters between 0.07 mm and 1.5 mm
Surface Engineering / electroplating shop
  • Coatings are used for corrosion protection, to modify the physical features, or for visual reasons
  • There are 3 different processes, depending on the shape and quantity: strip, bulk, and rack electroplating
  • Wide range of tools, from fully automatic machines for large-scale production to single-contact machines for the smallest diameters with optical control
  • Special airlock-protected work area for non-magnetic medical technology components
  • Highest quality standards thanks to regular process audits
Warehouse / logistics
  • Supervision of the central high-bay warehouse with more than 14,000 storage locations
  • High delivery reliability and capability due to this efficient wareenclosure system

The history of ODU connectors


Otto Dunkel GmbH receives the patent for producing the „spring‐loaded plug pin“ – inspired by a twig broom – known today as „ODU SPRINGTAC®“.


ODU now also develops electronic connectors. The ODU CARD series is added to the product range.

1975 PCB connector

Foundation of ODU Steckverbindungssysteme GmbH & Co. KG as a marketing and sales company. The first PCB connectors are produced.

1986 ODU‐MAC®

The ODU‐MAC® Modular Rectangular Connector System takes off and quickly becomes an important pillar of the product range.


The ODU MINI‐SNAP® Circular Connector series celebrates a successful market launch.

2010 High-current connectors

Just 6 years after ODU Automotive GmbH was founded, the company’s first high‐current connectors for eMobility are developed.

2011 ODU AMC® Circular Connector system

The new ODU AMC® Circular Connector System is launched.

2020 Mass interconnect system

ODU unveils its proprietary mass interconnect solution – the ODU‐MAC® Black‐Line.

Looking for suitable connectors or contact systems?

Discover our wide range of connectors and electrical contacts. If required, we can develop a customized solution for your application. You can also benefit from a complete system including cable assembly.