Possible applications for the ODU-MAC® Black-Line


Flexibility for ENGLAB

T&S Engineering develops flexible test systems to perfect product developments and market approaches. Care is taken to ensure that individual test requirements are met and that the systems can be used for a wide variety of test campaigns. Due to its wide range of connection solutions, the ODU-MAC® Black-Line is used.

12-Flex FOUR A variant in use in the aviation industry

The company F. Schelkle Industrie-Service GmbH (FSIS) develops and produces electrotechnical assemblies and measurement technology. FSIS manufactured a test adapter for a large manufacturer in the aviation industry. An important criterion for the end customer was remote operation, so that employees could also operate the system from their home offices. For this reason, the decision was made in favor of the 12-Flex FOUR A variant of the ODU-MAC® Black-Line, which can automatically close the interface either at the push of a button or remotely by means of electromechanical tightening.

Adapter with interchangeable cassette from GPS Prüftechnik

Once inside the GPS test adapter, the ODU-MAC® modules can be used for a variety of applications. They are compatible with both the mass interconnect interface and the interchangeable cassette, ensuring very high flexibility. Just like the interchangeable cassette, the modules can also be quickly exchanged if required.

Our References

New test options with Ingun

Ingun Prüfmittelbau has combined the traditional test adapter with the ODU interface, creating new testing opportunities for customers. The result is an efficient overall solution for testing printed circuit boards and electrical units.

Modularity for ATX hardware

ATX Hardware’s test fixtures can be easily equipped with the ODU-MAC® Black-Line modular mass interconnect interface. This connection has already proven its reliability during testing in several projects.