Receiver 12-Flex TWO M Tabletop

The compact version with integrated platform

max. 2,304 signals
3 height units
Locking via hand lever (including platform)
Configuration: tabletop
  • For test setups with small control cabinets or for use at workstations
  • Manual connection via classic hand lever
  • Integrated platform enables a guided docking process and easy mating
  • Available as complete system including cable assembly
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Optional features

Resistance coding or RFID

Coding is particularly advantageous if multiple systems are used. Via coding you can ensure that the matching receivers and adapters are always connected. Alternatively, the use of RFID coding is also possible.

Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring means detecting the adapter’s end position by means of microswitches. It can thus be determined whether the docking process has been completed.

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Receivers Item number CAD file

12-Flex TWO M tabletop receiver

50274955 CAD

12-Flex TWO M receiver including condition monitoring

50274956 CAD

12-Flex TWO M receiver including condition monitoring and resistant coding

50274957 CAD

12-Flex TWO M receiver including resistant coding

50274958 CAD

12-Flex FOUR enclosure

Item number

CAD file

12-Flex FOUR enclosure 15” 

50299705  CAD View product

12-Flex FOUR enclosure 6”

50299706  CAD View product
Adapter Item number CAD file
12-Flex TWO M Adapter 50274980 CAD View product

12-Flex TWO M adapter including mount for resistant coding

50274981 CAD View product


Item number CAD file

Receiver hand lever extension 100mm

50303292 CAD

Flex TWO receiver strain-relief plate

50274972 CAD

ODU-MAC Black-Line Flex TWO slot cover (receiver)

50275304 CAD

12-Flex TWO receiver protective cover

50274975 CAD

12-Flex TWO/FOUR platform 15”

50274967 CAD

Keyboard tray for platform

50274968 CAD